They will be running The Marathon Pour Tous

"I won my bib by running the most symbolic of all Olympic races: the Athens Marathon. Following in the footsteps of Phidippides, I realised at every kilometre on 13 November 2022 that the Marathon Pour Tous was becoming a reality. I am convinced that the Olympic spirit is a source of positive energy that allows us to achieve our full potential, while being linked to others. It is these values of fraternity that I will be proud to carry on the day of the Marathon Pour Tous, simply by giving the best of myself."
Loïc Preghenella, winner of a bib with Paris 2024 Club.

"A member since 2021, it was thanks to the challenges of the Paris 2024 Club that I got my bib for the 10km of the Marathon Pour Tous. I feel lucky to run in the footsteps of the Olympic athletes of Paris 2024! After four Marathons in two years, there is no doubt that I will have a lot of fun on this 10km!"   
Audrey Laurent-Belhocine, winner of a bib with Paris 2024 Club. 

"I won my bib for the Marathon Pour Tous by sharing my story in front of the camera, explaining my passion for running and its catalytic effect on my life. This bib represents for me the opportunity to live a unique experience and to symbolise the strength of women in Marathon running."    
Florence Talidec, winner of a bib with Paris 2024 Club.   

"For me, the Olympics are a childhood dream. It all started with Barcelona 1992: I was 9 years old, and that pushed me to take up athletics. Recently, I've taken part in a number of challenges with the Paris 2024 Club, including the 2024m race on 23 June 2019 at La Concorde, and the meeting organised at Charléty with Marie-Amélie Le Fur and Arnaud Assoumani. I continued to take part in the challenges proposed by the club, and finally received my number to run the Marathon Pour Tous 10km. It's a dream come true, and I can't wait to start preparing for it so I can set a good time! "    
Sydi Houari, winner of a bib with Paris 2024 Club.

"I'm 53 years old and I've been in a wheelchair for 30 years: disability sport is a real driver for integration. I started wheelchair basketball at the age of 35 as part of a challenge, then wheelchair racing in 2023 as part of a sports challenge at work. I won my race number on 26 April 2023 while using the Marathon Pour Tous application for my rehabilitation after a fractured femur. On 10 August 2024, I'll be at the start of the Marathon Pour Tous.”      
Catherine Augoyard, winner of a bib with the Marathon Pour Tous app.

"What an opportunity to run the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous! Being part of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games by running the legendary Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!Thank you Orange for allowing us to take part in the Games, it'sunique"!    
Romain, winner of a bib during the Orange Night Run.