Team Orange Running prepares you

The Marathon Pour Tous is exactly two months away, two months before the race of a lifetime and the chance to make Olympic history once and for all.
To make the most of it, you need to prepare appropriately. The secret formula for every Marathon Pour Tous finisher is motivation, passion and discipline. As with its partner races, Team Orange Running will be with you every step of the way to help prepare you for this unique, surprising, complex and challenging course.

© Influenceurs, meneurs d’allure et coachs lors du second run de repérage du Marathon Pour Tous

Objectif Finisher  
Through its series of ‘Objectif Finisher’ videos, presented by long-distance runner and coach Yohan Durand, Team Orange Running has been by your side since the end of April, just a few months before the race. On the programme? Course briefing, advice on calculating your MAS, fundamental endurance, hill preparation and much more.

Scouting runs  
In addition to this invaluable advice, there's nothing like scouting the course in advance to avoid any unwelcome surprises. That's why Team Orange Running introduced scouting runs in May, allowing influencers, brand ambassadors, coaches and pace-setters to check out the course. These sessions are adapted to suit all levels of runners, allowing them to run on certain sections of the course without forgetting the famous côte des Gardes and its 128-metre positive gradient.

And what about you?
Because Team Orange Running is now an extended family of over 100,000 subscribers, we want to provide the same experience to all team members, always guided by an expert partner coach. Stay connected to the Team Orange Running Instagram account to ensure you don't miss these scouting runs open to the general public. In the meantime... good luck with your preparations! Photo caption: Influencers, pace-setters and coaches during the second Marathon Pour Tous scouting run.