Rise to the challenge of the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous with Fitness Park!

Fitness Park, a technical partner of the Marathon Pour Tous, is there to help you supplement your preparation for the marathon or 10km races organised for the Marathon Pour Tous thanks to indoor training in its 270 centres in France.

To improve your physical condition and reduce the risk of injury, it is vital to include muscle strengthening in your preparation programme for a race such as a 10 km or a marathon.  

If you are a Fitness Park member, then take advantage of dedicated facilities equipped with top-of-the range equipment to improve your cardio performance or strengthen your muscles. To help you, Fitness Park provides training programmes for the 10km and marathon races, with runs setting off from some of its clubs and runner strengthening sessions to include in your programme.  

Encourage your family and friends to take part: on the weekend of Saturday 10th August and Sunday 11th August, Fitness Park will exceptionally be opening its centres in France to the general public for free. As a result, everyone will have free access to the cardio areas and machines, to do at least 30 minutes of sport and participate in the connected version of the Marathon Pour Tous.