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News 19/07 - 13:32

A rollercoaster-like route

Jean-Claude Vollmer, who coaches French record holder Mohrad Amdouni, gives his insights to...

News 10/07 - 09:00

Do not forget invisible training!

Training how to run well is not just all about clocking up miles and sessions. At home, when...

News 09/07 - 10:00

Rise to the challenge of the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous with Fitness Park!

Fitness Park, a technical partner of the Marathon Pour Tous, is there to help you supplement...

News 17/06 - 11:00

Planning a successful summer of training

For a marathon, arriving in good shape on the big day means having carefully thought out the...

News 11/06 - 10:00

Orange unveils the official medals for the Paris 2024 Marathon For All

For the first time in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, on 10th August 2024,...

News 06/06 - 13:00

Team Orange Running prepares you

The Marathon Pour Tous is exactly two months away, two months before the race of a lifetime...

News 03/06 - 17:00

How to stay cool when the mercury rises

Heatstroke is an ever-present threat in a marathon, especially when temperatures soar. Here...

News 03/05 - 16:30

Running and training: understanding the different paces

As training is based on varying pace from one session to the next, it is essential to know what...

News 29/04 - 14:07

Hills, useful for all runners

Muscular strengthening, cardiovascular work, and even technique-the positive effects of hill...

News 05/04 - 13:57

Why you need to improve your stride and how to do it

It is a simple action that we carry out naturally and repeat thousands of times. However, your...

News 07/02 - 16:11

Four years in which runners have won their bibs in some exceptional events


The 2,024m run held...

News 01/02 - 13:51

A sporting and festive experience for the public

The Marathon Pour Tous will be an unforgettable experience for every participant. From the evening...

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