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News 03/05 - 16:30

Running and training: understanding the different paces

As training is based on varying pace from one session to the next, it is essential to know what...

News 29/04 - 14:07

Hills, useful for all runners

Muscular strengthening, cardiovascular work, and even technique-the positive effects of hill...

News 05/04 - 13:57

Why you need to improve your stride and how to do it

It is a simple action that we carry out naturally and repeat thousands of times. However, your...

News 07/02 - 16:11

Four years in which runners have won their bibs in some exceptional events


The 2,024m run held...

News 01/02 - 13:51

A sporting and festive experience for the public

The Marathon Pour Tous will be an unforgettable experience for every participant. From the evening...

News 31/01 - 19:00

Participate in the connected Marathon Pour Tous

The great Marathon Pour Tous celebration will continue with an experience that is also out of...

News 31/01 - 18:11

They will be running The Marathon Pour Tous

"I won my bib by running the most symbolic of all Olympic races: the Athens Marathon. Following...

News 18/01 - 15:40

A new look for Marathon Pour Tous website

New design, new content. Paris 2024 is delighted to introduce you to the new Marathon Pour Tous...

News 12/10 - 13:36

Managing your breath during the race

One of the most important things when it comes to going the distance, perhaps even more so than...

News 05/09 - 13:38

How to hydrate, nourish oneself during a race?

While good physical preparation is of course essential for race performance, it’s not...

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