Orange unveils the official medals for the Paris 2024 Marathon For All

For the first time in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, on 10th August 2024, 20,024 runners – most of whom will be amateurs – will run the same 26-mile and 385-yard distance (42.195 km) as the elite runners. 20,024 others will take starter’s orders on a shorter distance of 10 km. All of them will receive a special official medal.

Today, Orange is delighted to present the official and exclusive medals for the Paris 2024 Marathon For All.   Whether it is for the queen of distances, 42.195 km, or the 10-km format, the finishers will receive a medal on completion of their race, to immortalise what could be the race of their lives.   Each medal weighs 150 grammes, is 85 mm in length and 77 mm wide.